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Strong R & D strength, the franchise electroplating chemical raw materials,Since 1990!

Three core competitiveness Xing Zhong Da group

  • 01

    Strong research and development strength, has a number of patented inventions

    XZD set up the " Unlimited creativity, research and development priority" development concept, constantly explore new environmental products, plating additives series of 95% for their own independent research and development, and has nearly 10 patents of technology-intensive enterprises.

    With an annual average of 10% of the sales revenue for research and development, with the globalization of technology, talent, experience and quality management research and development platform, for many years with a number of research work closely.

    Non cyanide alkaline copper plating, non-toxic Cupronickel tin plating, low cobalt nickel free gun, trivalent chromium Cr-plating, substitute chromium technologies are far ahead. Moreover, all of our products meet the environmental requirements, can pass the EU ROHS standard, Germany LMBG/LFGB standards, Oeko-Tex standard. Our products are highly regarded in plating industry.

  • 02

    Began in 1990

    the Shaoxing management department was the predecessor of Xing Zhong Da,which was established in the Chancheng District of Foshan City, specialized in electroplating raw materials.

    In June 1997, the Shaoxing management department was renamed Foshan Xing Zhong Da industry Commerce Co.Ltd, and become the first massive enterprise which is produced potassium sulfide and color brushing powder to the plating industry.

    2008 years , we spent large amount of money to purchase buying 23 acres of industrial land and over10,000 square metres of building for office, factories, dormitories in Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, began to establish our industrial park.

    2010, according to environmental protection requirements, the purchase of thirty-three acres of industrial land, to create a professional environmental protection chemical production base.

  • 03

    Environmental protection electroplating raw materials experts

    electroplating industry to introduce ecological degreasing powder----- tea seed powder. In 1999, We succeeded to develop the technology of 737 nickel-free black-nickel plating process, from that ,our company gradually established a domestic leading position of environmental substitution nnickel plating technology.

    In 2006,the trivalent chromium plating additives developed and produced by our company was successfully sold in the market, and quickly gains the acceptance and satisfaction from the customers.

    We developed the first global low-cobalt 707 nickel-free black-nickel technology with its’ feature of low cost &without magnetic and successfully applied the patent.





Foshan xingzhongda Industrial Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in environmental protection electroplating raw materials, which has now been in service for electroplating industry for 26 years, with 23 acres of Industrial Park, covers an area of nearly ten items of invention and utility model patents.



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